Product Information

We try our best to give you all the information you may need in our product descriptions and take accurate photographs of exactly what you will be buying, however, your happiness is our main priority and if you are unsure in any way about any of our products please contact us via our contact page. 

Or email us at


With all of our products, we source the best natural ingredients, dyes, and fibers.

That being said not all our products will look cooky cutter perfect, when working with truly natural components some slight variations may occur this adds to the beauty of each item being truly unique and yours.


When it comes to our cotton rope products, the actual bits from the cotton plant may still be visible in the rope itself. No bleaching or dyeing takes place meaning the cotton rope is pure.  


In terms of our Soy candles, some slight pulling from the glass may occur as the wax moves and shifts due to temperature. You may also notice slight crystallization on the top, this is perfectly normal and a sign of pure cosmetic grade Soy returning to its natural state, it does not in any way affect the burning capabilities of the candle.


Each and every item is handmade by us and therefore we appreciate your patience when it comes to lead times.​




Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a stockist or buying our products at wholesale, please email us directly at

and we will send through our product catalog and wholesale price list for you to look through. 


Payment Methods

-Payfast: Please note you do not need your own Payfast account to make payment by Credit/Debit Card and all payment fees are charged to us the seller and not you the buyer. 

-EFT: Those choosing to pay via EFT should send through proof of payment accordingly. 

- Credit / Debit Cards
- Zapper

- Offline Payments